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Reina de @reinagagefashion - #RemarkableThursday 6 season2

Ma saison favorite après l'été c'est l'automne pour deux raisons bien particulière, raison 1 : mon visage est moins huileux (ça c'est important lol) et l'autre c'est le #fallfashion, on sort nos vestes en cuir, nos pull, nos bottes longues, nos beaux imperméables. L'automne, à mon avis, est LA saison parfaite pour expérimenter son style, c'est-à-dire essayer les nouvelles tendances, faire la transition été/automne de notre garde-robe.

Je suis une fan de mode, mais pas une experte, c'est pour ça qu'on va discuter avec Reina une blogueuse de mode.

J'ai rencontré Reina, @reinagadefashion ,lors de l’événement MeetUp de Josiane @petiteandbold en août dernier et j’ai adoré sa personnalité vivante, éclatante et tellement attachante. Dès que je l’ai vue je me suis dit ‘’This girl got style’’ elle avait un super pantalon palazzo jaune doré et une blouse blanche off shoulder well she looked like a million dollar.

Reina est une passionnée de la mode, justement elle vient de lancer son blogue de mode. Je trouve que la mode c’est un excellent moyen de s’exprimer mais aussi de faire rayonner sa personnalité. Elle est une bloggeuse et une étudiante, sa mission : ‘’Look expensive but your clothes don't have to be’’ j’adore ça, et le fait qu'elle soit étudiante et fan de mode ça tombe bien, car aujourd’hui on fait un article très spécial.

It’s back to school season + fall season, qui dit retour à l’école dit retour à la routine, aux devoirs, aux nuits blanches sur netflix pour oublier le stress des examens ou à étudier (of course ;-) mais retour à l’école pour certain.e.s et nouvelle saison POUR TOUS = l'automne veut également dire : SHOPPING, donc aujourd’hui on parle de mode à petit prix avec la plus cool des blogueuses mode : Reina de chez @reinagadefashion.

Si comme moi tu aimes la mode et est prêt.e pour la saison automnale continues de lire. On fait ça en franglais aujourd'hui!

LRMK : Ma chère Reina, tout d’abord un gros merci pour ta participation à La Remarkable, aujourd’hui on parle de fashion, tu es une bloggeuse et étudiante à l'Université. Pourquoi la mode c’est aussi importante pour toi? Qu’est-ce que ça représente pour toi?

Reina : First off, thank you so much for that incredibly kind introduction and thank you for including me among so many remarkable women. Honestly, my first love has been and always will be fine arts and so from a young age, fashion has simply become an extension of that. I’ve come to see my body as a canvas where the clothes I put on have allowed me to express myself in the same way that one of my drawings or paintings has. If I’m in a playful mood, I may wear a bolder print or bright colors, if I’m feeling a little more edgy, you can bet I’ll have on my leather jacket and maybe a pair of cool sneakers and ripped jeans. Simply put it this way : my style is my personal way of bridging the worlds of fashion and art.

LRMK : Je vois très bien le lien entre la mode et l'art les deux sont une belle forme d'expression. J’aime beaucoup ton style, c’est casual, coloré et cool. Lorsque tu magasines des vêtements quels sont les points importants à respecter selon toi? Pour moi, le point numéro 1 doit être le confort!

Reina : As you know, my motto is « look expensive but your clothes don’t have to be. » and so my first point and possibly the most important would be affordablity. Throughout my style journey I’ve discovered ways to keep both my closet and my bank account happy and that’s by locating the sales. Don’t be afraid to walk into stores that you would normally consider too expensive because there will ALWAYS be sales. I walked into a store not too long ago and ended up getting a pair of jeans that were originally $117 for $13 on sale, no sis that wasn’t a typo. So wait for those quality pieces and get them for half the price or on a really good day, even less. LRMK: WHAT $13 GIRLLLL yes for this #savings

Another point is what I like to call the « Love it or leave it test ». Have you ever picked up an item of clothing in your closet and thought to yourself, « what in the world was I thinking when I bought this? » I’ve learned from personal experience that if you don’t love it in the store, you won’t love it at home, which ultimately means you won’t wear it. There have been pieces that I was unsure about in the store but bought it reluctanctly due to the encouragement of friends or family telling me, « yas girl, you rock that! » or because I thought it would eventually grow on me and let me tell you, it didn’t.

I’ve learned that confidence is one of the best accessories that you can wear with any outfit. If you feel good in what you’re wearing then more often than not, you will also look good in what you’re wearing. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen ladies wearing a cute outfit but are constantly fidgeting with it due to sheer discomfort or are wearing killer heels but walk away clumsily because they’re simply not comfortable in heels, which takes away from the outfit. Wear what you love and I guarantee people will love what you wear!

LRMK : I'm 100% agreeing with your statement : confidence is one of the best accessories that you can wear!

LRMK : Il y a quelques semaines, j’ai demandé à certaines de mes abonnées étudiantes de me faire part de leurs questionnements concernant la conciliation mode/étude et je pense que tu es la personne la mieux placée pour répondre à ces questions :

Question 1 : Je suis étudiante et je n’ai pas beaucoup d’argent à mettre dans mes

vêtements, comment est-ce que je peux avoir un style cool sans me ruiner?

Reina : One word, Sales. Sales will be your best friend. As a student on a student's budget, I have learned that looking good doesn't mean that you have to break the bank and the word ‘sales’, that I actually hated in the past, CAN and WILL be your best friend. I think there is sometimes the perception that sale means out of fashion, especially because sales tend to come at the end of a season but when you focus on buying timeless pieces and not things that ‘are trending’ then the season you buy them it won’t matter because timeless pieces are ALWAYS in.

Sales also allow you to buy a lot of brands that you might not have ever thought you could afford for prices that make both you and your bank account happy. I believe in quality over quantity and so I encourage you not to let that boujie budgeting scare you away from quality pieces, just wait for that sale!

LRMK : Les Remarkables attendez pour les soldes, le sac GUCCI sera bientôt en solde. On peut s'habiller cute, pas cher, trendy et de qualité.

Question 2 : Je suis étudiante et je n’ai pas beaucoup d’argent à mettre dans mes vêtements, comment est-ce que je peux avoir un style cool sans me ruiner?

Reina : here is a link to a blog post about it on my blog page

Question 3 : J’ai trop de vêtements et pas assez d’idées, comment faire pour trouver des

idées de style vestimentaire pour l’école?

Reina : Honestly, my advice would be to find bloggers or fashion influencers whose fashion inspires you. Immitation is not just the « sincerest form of flattery » but it is simply what we do as humans in the formation of our personal identity. From young, we start off by copying the actions of those we see around us and slowly but surely, we then pull the different things that we loved and leave the things we didn’t and I believe it is the same with style. If you don’t have an idea of what to wear, copy someone else’s and I guarantee you’ll eventually develop your own by simply adding the things you love and leaving out the things you don’t. On an even more practical note, Pinterest is super great for narrowing down how to style specific items in your wardrobe. You can literally search for something like « courdoroy jackets » and get a great selection of pictures on different ways to style it.

LRMK : Pinterest is lifeeee, when i don't have any inspiration i open my app and there we go, full of options.

Question 4 : Quels sont les morceaux indispensables à avoir dans une garde-robe d’étudiante?

Reina : BUY BASICS! BUY BASICS! BUY BASICS! When I was younger, I was super drawn to a lot of ‘unique’ pieces, for better or for worse. I’m talking about fuschia-colored Nike shoes, gold cheetah print Betsey Johnson purses and stark-white pleather jackets. Oh yes honey, I was DOING all the fashion DONT’S. I think that I was under the impression that the more uncommon a piece, the better it was which honestly resulted in a lot of waste because I found that those standalone unique pieces only really looked good… you guessed it, alone. I later learned that it’s better to get those basic pieces like a pair of dark jeans, white T’s, neutral colored turtlenecks, a black leather/pleather jacket, a denim jacket etc. in your wardrobe first and then later build on those with more playful pieces.

LRMK : I'm taking notes Reina, these are some very good advices. #privatestylist

LRMK : Quels conseils donnerais-tu a une jeune femme qui elle aussi veut se lancer en mode? Et quel a été ton meilleur moment mode depuis que tu as débuté ta page/blogue fashion?

Reina : Honestly, it would be to just do it! As wonderful as social media platforms are in allowing us acces to an unlimited amount of information, I think that we limit that exploration to looking at what everyone else is doing instead of harvesting it and using it as a means to inspire our own personal growth and development. There are tons of blogs out there and tons of successful Youtubers and tons of stylists and the list goes on but one cliché that I live by and that I would like to in turn encourage you with is that, there is only one you. No one has lived your experience or is able to look at fashion or any other niche through your eyes and so your voice is given validity if only on the basis of that simple truth.

In terms of my best moment since launching my blog, I’ve just been overwhelmed by all of the kind words of affirmation and encouragement I’ve gotten from people I know as well as strangers. I’ve also been given the opportunity to work with some cool brands as a result of all of this, which has been very surreal. It’s all just made me really excited to see where this journey will lead but in the mean time, I’m just enjoying the process and creating content about a topic that I am passionate about and hope that it will help some people a long the way.

LRMK : Ton blogue reflète très bien ta personnalité et c'est très bien écrit et tes articles sont éducatifs surtout pour moi, qui adore la mode, mais je me perd souvent dans le monde de la mode, avec tes trucs et conseils je vais être définitivement mieux outiller à mon prochain magasinage.;-)

LRMK : Miss Reina, a huge thank you for your participation at La Remarkable, pour conclure est-ce que tu peux nous partager quels sont les projets à venir pour toi et ton blogue?

Reina : Yes, of course! You can definitely expect more blog posts as we’re moving into Fall, my favorite season! I’ve got some items that I can’t wait to talk about, I post on Tuesdays. And I’m working on a special project that I hope to launch in the new year so stay tuned for that!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share on your platform!

LRMK : Yes sooo I'm excited for your new project. Un gros merci à toi, pour ton temps, you are so stylish et j’ai super hâte à une future collaboration.

Les remarkables, si tu as besoin d'inspirations mode ? je te conseil de suivre Reina sur ses réseaux sociaux.

Instagram :

Blogue :

Merci d'avoir lu l'article de la semaine et n'oublies pas de me suivre sur mes réseaux sociaux @laremarkable

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