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Egde Naturale review

Hi, I hope everyone is having a remarkable day, month, beginning of year...

As some of y'all know, I have been taking more care of my hair and being more mindful of what I use in my haircare routine, I try my best to make sure all the products I use are natural and black owned.

Months ago the edge naturale team sent me their product and unfortunately so many things was happening, my haircare routine was not in my priority list, but thank God for my patience, I started using the product religiously every week twice a week since the end of November 2020 but I've just realized that I was supposed to use it twice a day everyday WOW can't wait to see the upcoming results in a month from now, I'll keep you all updated with the progress on my IG here.

Here's what happened :

I love this product, a one step product to restore your edges, thicken your hair and strengthen your follicules, I love how light the product texture is, it does not create build ups and dries clear, it is made of natural ingredients such as natural oils, peppermint and coconut milk. Stop searching and go get yours at :

Check them on Instagram here


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